At ARE, we specialize in developing bespoke Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality platforms that deliver unique, engaging and immersive experiences.
Augmented Reality In Action

Augmented Reality Experts is a team of specialised individuals that amalgamate skills from different areas; Business development, Architecture and Engineering, Software development, Animation and 3d rendering. Our goal is to develop and create applications that dynamically integrate augmented reality with practical and creative innovations for the human experience. We work closely with our clients to develop optimal software and applications that ensure adaptability and are user-friendly.

We are an innovative, creative and integrated practice with a multinational and multitalented team, Headquarters in Melbourne with representation in Sydney, Austin, Texas in the U.S.A and Mexico City, Mexico. Dedicated to Innovation with a keen interest for sustainability and user experience and design, our projects range across different industries, from urban architecture applications to cultural buildings, from product design to marketing strategies. Combining latest technologies with techniques; harnessing skill, enthusiasm and know how; we create inspirational applications

Dynamic and Responsive

Our applications have been optimised to be completely dynamic and fluid both in its augmentation and its information processing. Granting the user Real-time augmented reality. Our data and software compression also allows our applications to remain relatively small yet maximised for performance and responsiveness.

We custom build your application to your requirements and ensure optimal performance.

Our animation experts can bring life to our augmented reality applications. Augmented reality need not be static 3d representations it can also be taken to next level with animated real-time graphics that are highly responsive and quick loading.

Markers and Markerless AR

Our Augmented Reality Applications have been developed to be activated by visual references like printed images and landmarks and not clunky and unaesthetic bar codes or QR codes. This makes the possibilities endless for augmented reality that can be activated by and enhance diverse media.

Our coding and visual tracking allows us to use any visual reference as our anchor. This opens an infinite number of possibilities to augment and enhance any visual reference. The anchors need not be static, they can be mobile which adds yet another dimension to the manipulation of the augmented reality. They can be:

Printed media for example: Posters, billboards, flyers, books, catalogs, magazines

Digital media for example: computer screens, mobile devices, film screens

Visual References for example: Land marks, Theatre stages, Concert stages, Sculptures…


Immersive and Dynamic Application Development providing AR and VR Solutions and support for iOS Devices and cross platform.

AR/VR Solutions and support for any android device. Publication and support for google play and ARCore.

VR Solutions and support for Playstation Games and VR Experiences. Licensed Playstation Developers

Virtual Reality Applications, Games and Experiences for Oculus Rift and GO, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC VIVE, and more.

Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality Applications and support for Microsoft Hololens and Microsoft Mixed Reality

Consultation Services

We’re on hand to answer any questions and be with you every step of the way, from your first enquiry to post development.

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