Augmented Reality Experts Demo App

Download the Augmented Reality Experts Demo app with one of these links to experience Augmented Reality examples of: Interactive 3D Models 3D Animations Interactive 360 views Augmented Reality Videos To experience the AR content. Find a suitable surface to “place” the AR content, for example a magazine cover or a book. Keep the target surface […]

SIEMENS Healthineers

Welcome to Siemens Healthineers VR application. This unique virtual application will take you into the heart of state of the art imaging suites, on the floor of the largest Radiology Conference for a full 360 Degree Booth Tour and much more. Inside you will be able to view local and international Case Studies, view High-quality […]

Case Studies

Case Study Education

This case study introduces readers to augmented reality (AR) and its application in the education sector. After briefly exploring the concept of AR, the case study details the how and why of its use in different educational contexts by drawing on practical examples and research findings.