Case Studies

Woolmark Optim Care NFC and AR

ARE and Woolmark Innovation Australia have teamed up to design and develop and immersive and innovative application that combines NFC and augmented reality technology. The application has the ability to interface with Woolmark garments with the use of Augmented Reality markers embedded in the design of the print, as well as NFC chips sewn into [...]

Case Study Retail

This case study discusses augmented reality (AR) and its application in the retail industry. After briefly exploring the concept of AR itself, the case study focuses on its use in retail including its key benefits, applications and findings from industry research.

Case Study Wayfinding

This case study introduces readers to augmented reality (AR) and its use in wayfinding and placemaking. Here wayfinding refers to “information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space”…

Case Study Training

This case study introduces readers to augmented reality (AR) and its application in workplace training and practice.

Case Study Education

This case study introduces readers to augmented reality (AR) and its application in the education sector. After briefly exploring the concept of AR, the case study details the how and why of its use in different educational contexts by drawing on practical examples and research findings.

Commercial Leasing Project – 510 Church

Augmented Reality technology enables leasing and property viewing for Commercial Property Development Project CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE 510CHURCHSTREET.COM Inquire today about bringing your property project to life with ARE We develop Immersive and Interactive Websites, Virtual Reality Tours, Augmented Reality Applications EXPERIENCE 510 CHURCH STREET PROJECT IN AUGMENTED REALITY BY DOWNLOADING THE APP AND INTERACTING […]

Chapel Street Mural Project

Chapel Street Precinct Murals Download From the App store and interact with augmented reality street art murals in Chapel Street Precinct, Melbourne Australia iOS Android Download the Chapel Street Precinct Application and point the camera at the murals to discover the augmented reality experience Click one of the murals below to enlarge or download


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4D Threads

Sample of Markers for the 4D threads Augmented Wearables Application by ARE and Hotsprings

Melbourne Knowledge Week

Interactive Augmented Reality Program Guide for the Melbourne Knowledge Week Festival 2016