Rollease Acmeda

Welcome to the Rollease Acmeda Augmented Reality app, which will take you through our Premium hardware solutions and automated shade experience. Watch our products come to life and understand each individual part required to make our system solutions. We have also featured some animated 3D interactive key feature points about our premium solutions to ensure […]

Heat And Control Augmented Reality

DOWNLOAD MARKERS Get Heat and Control AR for your mobile device and point the camera at the following markers to engage with Augmented Reality content    

Case Studies

Woolmark Optim Care NFC and AR

ARE and Woolmark Innovation Australia have teamed up to design and develop and immersive and innovative application that combines NFC and augmented reality technology. The application has the ability to interface with Woolmark garments with the use of Augmented Reality markers embedded in the design of the print, as well as NFC chips sewn into [...]

Case Study Retail

This case study discusses augmented reality (AR) and its application in the retail industry. After briefly exploring the concept of AR itself, the case study focuses on its use in retail including its key benefits, applications and findings from industry research.