Interactive 3D Models

interactive 3d models

Inspect a property in the palm of your hand. ARE can reproduce building designs in 3D rendered computer-generated models. These models are interactive and dynamic, allowing clients to control and inspect in real time. We can develop these models or they can be rendered from CAD drawings provided by architects and designers.
There is no limit to designs that we can render into fully interactive 3D models. Designs can range from small-scale residential properties to large-scale land developments, iconic landmark buildings and structures and commercial property.
Interactive models can assist in clarifying concepts and adding aesthetic depth to your designs and planning. Furthermore, AR technology is an incredibly persuasive project-marketing tool in encouraging off the plan purchases and securing the development of large-scale projects.


We can create immersive 360 views from real or virtual locations. These views place the user in the middle of a space, as if they are actually there.

Virtual Tours

virtual tours
Explore a space without having to step foot inside, or leave the room. ARE can develop platforms in which the user can walk through and inspect every inch of a space, as if they were walking through it themselves. We can create virtual or real location tours from CAD drawings or photographs. These platforms can be accessed anywhere and anytime by a client thus enhancing customer interaction.
Virtual tours are not just limited to an app. We can utilize Head Mounted Display (HMD) technology that completely immerses the user in an environment. Our technology can be utilized with current HMD’s such as Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, and the latest Google Cardboard.
vision to life.

Manipulative Spaces

An added feature, ARE technology you can manipulate the design of spaces with simplicity. Interior furniture, colours, and external lighting can be altered in real time by the user and viewed in an immersive virtual space. This immersive space allows the user to bring their personal and individual vision to life.
manipulative spaces