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3M Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented reality gives you the ability to place computer generated elements like 3D objects and video in the real world. The 3M Augmented Reality App allows you to interact with 3M’s printed advertisements, posters and packaging wherever the 3M Augmented Reality logo is displayed. It provides you with a fun and engaging experience and the technology functions by enhancing your perception of reality. This could be through demonstrations, training videos, 3D models of our products and other interactive experiences. Download it today and experience the future of interactive media.

Click Here to download and print one of our inflight magazine advertisements to experience a 3D virtual flight:

3M Plane

Or Print some the markers  below and interact with highly dynamic augmented reality video with the 3M AR app avilable on iOS and Android


3M ARE 1.2

Developed by Augmented Reality Experts


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