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Our most recent app development was for Baja California 133, a 21 story multi-residential housing complex situated in Colonia Roma, Mexico City. The app developed not only features ‘marker’-less technology, allowing interactive 3D models to be projected onto a variety of non-specific objects, but some of our best and most immersive spaces yet.


Completely built from CAD drawings and other materials provided by the developer, virtual tours are a complete 3D render. This enhances the ability of Augmented Reality capabilities. Colour and object manipulation are seamless, with every inch of a plan being visualized and rendered in Real Time. Gyroscopic technology enables the user to move the device and inspect the room, as if they were standing in the room.


What is most impressive about our latest property application is its intuitive rendering. The affects of light and shade on colour and perspective are factored in as the user ‘looks’ around the space. The technology can be extended even further, optimizing environments to adapt to lighting changes, both internal and external.


Here’s a link for the appstore

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