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Augmented Reality has become a hot trend in the advertising world. Since it’s appearance almost 10 years ago, we have seen international companies use this tool since it reaches a large range of audience. All the way from children to grandparents and considering that 1 in 2 americans owns a smartphone, this covers a big spectrum

AR allows smartphone users to point their phones’ cameras at certain objects that trigger a 3D video. Allowing the user to combine the digital world with the real world.

Designing Augmented Reality apps presents a fascinating interplay of technology and phsycology. All creators need to consider mixing cognition and emotion from the user perspective.

These are some of the adds that have caught our eye.

Virtual Zoo

Virtual Zoo- Visa

This application was created by Polish company Lemon&Orange for Visa, it allowed users to take photos during their interaction with animated characters and objects.
Later they could browse them on a touch screen and using an iPad dedicated application  choose the best pictures, add comments and send them to a chosen e-mail address.


IKEA catalog

The potential with Augmented Reality is that art can be created just about anywhere and the future of AR will be beyond just the visual: audio, touch, smell and taste, attacking all of our senses.


Unexpected bus stop- Pepsi

Pepsi decided to bring some surprises to a London bus shelter to make waiting a bit more interesting. For this ad campaign, Pepsi Max used augmented reality to turn a bus shelter’s wall into a fake window that appeared to show flying saucers, an attacking robot, and a loose tiger
among other unlikely subjects making their way down the street. Pepsi doesn’t say exactly what it used to make the illusion happen, but it appears to have relied primarily on a camera outside the shelter that let it capture people and vehicles on the street.

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