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ARE and Chapel Street Precinct Association Launch AR App

Augmented ART

Chapel Street Precinct Association today launched its free mobile phone app that brings a 20 meter high mural to life thanks to augmented reality technology. Painted by world renowned street artist, Phlegm, it is the first time the UK artist has ever had one of his works given the AR treatment.

Phlegm’s mural was commissioned by Chapel Street Precinct Association during its recently held Provocaré Festival of the arts. The artist is renowned for creating surreal illustrations to an untold story, weaving a virtual narrative that explores the unreal through creatures from his imagination.

ARt. download the app and point the camera at the mural

“This was a great opportunity to showcase the possibilities of exciting new immersive technology on the most iconic street in Australia, and to bring it to the public with interactive murals designed by amazing artists,” said Alec Villarreal Director – Augmented Reality Experts.

“Chapel Street Precinct Association spent two and half years planning this project, researching the right artist, and locating the right wall for a large mural that would become a landmark piece of public art for Melbourne,” said John Lotton – President of Chapel Street Precinct Association.

“The Love & Lewis building has a rich history; built in 1913, it was originally a regal department store before being converted into apartments. We chose Phlegm for two reasons, firstly for his large global following with people of all ages, and secondly because his style was sympathetic with the building’s architecture and surrounding area. I encourage everyone to visit Chapel Street this week and check it out – but don’t forget to download the app so you can view it in all its augmented reality glory!”

To see Phlegm’s artwork come to life, first download Chapel Street Precinct’s free app from either the Apple or Google app store. Drive to The Love & Lewis Building: 321-323A Chapel Street, Prahran, where you will find the mural on the northern wall of the Pran Central Shopping Centre.

A time-lapse video of Phlegm creating the masterpiece has already clocked more than half a million views across all social channels. Meanwhile the star power of Phlegm meant some Victorian fans drove more than 3 hours to watch him paint live.

About Phlegm

Phlegm is a world-known cartoonist, street artist and illustrator from Sheffield, UK – England’s Steel City. Phlegm’s work is distinctively detailed composed of odd figures and a narrative structure. His work inspires greatness and is even often inspired by graffiti where Phlegm transforms run down urban spaces and factories. Since Phlegm emerged, he has gained worldwide recognition and is one of the most admired street artists across the world. His street art is very exciting and highly recognizable. His work has also appeared in a variety of objects such as airplanes, boats, buildings, vehicles and many street art festivals.

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