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About this project

What is Crack?

Crack puts the power of augmented reality into the hands of creators, makers and finders, allowing you to make, discover and share your own layers of augmentation across physical spaces.

From sharing a memory, to conveying complex ideas or designs, Crack is a medium that closes the gap between the real and digital worlds.

Unlocking this hidden layer of experience all around you is as simple as downloading the Crack app to your Android or iOS device.


Crack allows drag and drop placement of user-created 3D models and other visual content, without the need for third-party approval, including the use of AR video, AR photo galleries and AR hyperlinks related to your projects, products or brand.

At launch, the functionality will go even further, with the integration of 360 video and immersive 360 views to your Cracks. No other augmented reality platform offers so much for their subscribers.

Through the available levels of the Crack subscription model, you can create and place Cracks, save Cracks you've discovered, and share or display them any time on a suitable surface.

The Web Based Creator platform allows members to drag and drop content  as well as manage their Cracks which can instantly be deployed and experienced in Augmented Reality by anyone with the CR-ACK app.

If you see the Crack logo somewhere, it means there's a layer of augmented reality to be discovered.


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